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Originally Posted by Zuccarello Awesome View Post
Oh how ignorant is this.

Did YOU watch this past season? The Rangers made the playoffs with Gaborik scoring 0 goals down the stretch, and a measly 1 goal in the playoffs. That's 1 goal in his final ~17 games. (And the only one was a gift-wrapped tap-in from Fedotenko) The team also played some of its best hockey of the season while Gaborik was injured. So please, tell me exactly how this team is a rebuilding team without the mighty Gaborik? I have no doubt that he's capable of bouncing back to 40 goal - 40 assist territory, maybe even more playing a full year next to Richards. But I also have no doubts that when the hockey gets tougher, more physical, and defenders start smothering him, he will once again fail to adapt and fight through it. Regular season stats don't impress me in the least if the player isn't at LEAST at that same level of production in the playoffs. The real "elite" players play even better in the playoffs. So enough with calling Gaborik "elite" because he's managed to put up nice regular season numbers while playing mostly shortened seasons. When the going gets tough, Gaborik goes to sleep. The 7.5 million could be much better spent elsewhere. This team is not a rebuilding team without Gaborik. We had tons of injuries last year and still made the playoffs with an impotent Gaborik scoring 3 or 4 goals in last 25 games. This is Staal's team. This is Callahan's team. This is Dubinsky's team. This is Lundqvist's team. This will (likely) be Richards' team. This is not Gaborik's team. And if there are teams who are interested in buying low, and we can still get DECENT value for him, you have to consider it. I'm confident that Sather knows this, and I'm glad you aren't the GM. Thanks for making most of my points for me.
You trade gaborik and you set the team back. Unless you are getting an ELITE scorer back for him then you are setting this team back. Schenn is a very nice prospect but he has proven absolutely nothing. I dont care what your image of an elite player is but gaborik most certainly is one. Yeah he struggled but the guy knows how to shoot the puck. Not many players can shoot like him. The ones that can are the elite players. You clearly dont know what an elite player is. I love the callahan's and the dubinsky's but the bottom line is those guys are not elite offensive players. They just aren't. They are not guys that opposing coaches draw up game plans to stop them. The are secondary players. Dont come on here and try make the claim that gaborik isnt elite. The fact that coaches strategize how to stop gaborik is what makes him elite. They know his capabilities. They know the shot he has.

You're calling me ignorant? You really didn't address the points made about him being smothered this year and having no space on the ice because teams didnt have to worry about our "less gifted" offensive players. You're right he didnt score towards the end of the season. But I guess you just chose to ignore the point of the previous response that he didnt have a guy to feed him the puck, to create space by taking the attention off him.

Your vision is way too clouded. Go ahead be oblivious to how the game of hockey works and that there actually is strategy behind it. Ignore that there was probably a reason why gaborik struggled this year and that it wasnt just some anomaly. I guarantee if Gaborik had scored 40 goals this year, signing richards wouldnt be as dire of a need. And this team would have went a helluva lot farther than they did. Those playoff games were extremely tight against the Caps. Imagine if BR was centering Gaborik. Just a couple goals from Gaborik could have turned that series in our favor.

But you know what you're right this team doesnt need a premiere scorer. They'll be just fine with a bunch of hard working 2nd liners who arent particularly great finishers but because they are blue collar guys we still love them. Sometimes you need elite scorers too or at least just one. They really dont come around too often. We got one two summers ago. I'm not ready to deal him away because we have ignorant fans who make one bad year into a career, and dont you dare say you're not doing that because you wouldnt be saying any of this if gaborik had scored 35+ goals this year. Simple minded people like yourself are ready to jump the gun and throw in the towel on him.

Oh and by the way trying hitting the "return" button in your posts; it's there for a reason.

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