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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post

-If TB and LA both love their respective players (Doughty, Hedman), why would they be willing to deal quality for quantity? That's like us flipping Staal for 2-3 players whose cumulative value is comparable to Staal's. If we're pleased & happy with Marc Staal, why would we willingly trade him for quantity?
TB is good + with Hedman. But be honest, it's not that good like it's a young Elvis and this is Ann Margret in her prime and you're getting it on and the groove is mind-bogglingly good. Hedman, like MDZ, has shown enough that they're not being rushed out the door, but either one can be had for the right trade-in --- not for the sake of making a move, but for the sake of a profitable deal yielding enough improvement to upgrade your club.

Don't see a combo like MDZ + X getting a Stastny.
So why not upgrade if the circumstances allow at a reasonable price?

There is currently an awkwardness as to MDZ + the Rangers roster. It's not an insurmountable climb, but moving him makes sense.

Who would give us the best return for MDZ?
Hard to say. But the last taste MDZ left in TB's mouth was good, as it was a nice clicking with Stamkos, and Stamkos is the key.

Other things being equal, there is less impetus to push Hedman in trade. But raising $$ to extend Stamkos to max $ long term is a prudent goal. So TB has a reason, no fault of Hedman, to move him.

So yeah, they love Hedman, but not enough at this point to not cut him loose under the right circumstances.

With MDZ as a replacement Thomas is good compensation, as the Lightning are already with St. Louis in the game plan. Thomas fits that prototype. Whether or not he can deliver at an NHL level, and continue to deliver astonishingly as St. Louis has done into his late 30s, is unknown and a gamble I'm willing to take. It gets me Hedman, and I don't have to part with other assets I need/would rather keep than do this deal. Thomas makes the deal do-able.

Thomas is no guarantee but his 50 goals and great effort have upped his stock to the max. I think its worth swapping that stock for Hedman, who has more natural talent, and more upside.

MZA is great on shoot outs, but he does not have the speed to create the separation he needs to dominate. He's an inexpensive nominal plus now and a bridge if they elect not to have St. Louis tutor him one on one, but want to give him another half a season of seasoning.

So Hedman is not really like Staal, who is fully elite as to the shutdown portion of his game, and good otherwise. Respect any opinion on wanting to keep Thomas, but I trust you understand this solid rationale for the move.

St Louis is an exception. For every guy like him, dozens can't dominate at the NHL level. One walk on, sure. But my investment would be in Anisimov style guys. Thomas has earned a shot somewhere sometime soon, and I wish him all the best, even if that's not with NYR. But Hedman has got real upside.

Will discuss Doughty soon...

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