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10-17-2003, 05:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Digger12
OK Yankee boy, here's a question for you...

Was listening to this being debated on ESPN radio earlier today:

Joe Torre - Great manager, or lucky stiff who's smart enough to keep his mouth shut and stay out of the way? Discuss.
The Yankees current weakness is middle relief. Game 7 and who is doing middle relief - starters. They got the job done. Torre used what he had to best effect. Grady Little and Dusty Baker both went with their starters too long and guess what - they lost.
The thing that Joe does best is manage George. You have to give George credit. He bought the Yankees cheap ($10M I recall) and has turned them into a financial empire and baseball juggernaugt. Owners who object to the money George spends are jealous - they had the same opportunity to buy the Yankees, missed it and are now on the receiving end.