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06-06-2011, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
He does it on purpose to insight a reaction out of us. He's just trolling, I say this because he says and does the things he does purely for the sake of getting a reaction out of people. For example he says WWE is real and swears by it, you won't find a thread where he'll admit it's fake/staged/pre-determined. Then he finds some of the worst rappers I've ever even heard of, guys that make Lil Wayne and all those scrubs sound like microphone gods. (Don't get me wrong if you like Wayne it's cool with me, I understand he has some good beats and sometimes has had good rhymes, but he's far from notably good at rhyming/writing songs. He likes guys that are by far 100x worse in every department, or at least he claims to by saying they're the best rappers ever etc, again to get a rise out of people)

I've seen this kind of trolling on other boards and online in games time and time again. People will claim to be fans of Bieber, Catholicism(To religious extremes), say WWE is real, say that Soulja Boy is the best rapper, etc. They say things that are generally counter-norm for internet forum dwellers in order to insight a rise out of people. It's just the way people troll these days because it's freedom of speech and though it isn't really their opinion they can claim it is and who are we to tell them it isn't? But I've seen it repeated so many times it just gets old. He's trolling and getting away with it cause that's what the "smarter" trolls do these days apparently.
Meh. If he's such a high-level troller, I probably want him even less than if he's the idiot he passes as. More so, I've seen him post way too much just in the Lost threads for him to be a troll. He probably does say stuff to rile people up but I believe some of his opinions are genuine. Anyway, I'm sure we won't draft him so like I said, it's a non-issue. Either way, I don't think he'd be a beneficial asset for us.

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