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Originally Posted by RangerFan10 View Post
I'm going to attempt to salvage the conversation here by saying just because we acquired Erixon doesn't mean we need to go out and trade one of out defensive prospects. We saw what happened to MDZ last season in his sophomore year, it could easily happen to Sauer and/or McDonagh. The more competition, the better. At the end of the day, I figure our roster has Staal, Girardi, and then most likely Sauer and McDonagh. After that, let's assume that either Gilroy is back or we bring in a veteran like Paul Kubina to round out our defense (not necessarily saying it'll be Kubina or that they'll be on the 3rd pair.) There's one or two spots open for these players:
Tim Erixon, Michael Del Zotto, Pavel Valentenko

Kundtratek and Pashnin could make a case, I even think Partlett could make a case, but those three are the ones that will get the hardest looks and won't have to have an AMAZING camp to make it. So let's say only one of them makes the squad. We'll say it's MDZ just so we don't have to list everyone's name again.
That leaves hartford with:
Erixon, Valentenko, Partlett, Pashnin, Kundtratek, Niemi, Redden, Bickel, Nightingale, and maybe McIlrath depending on what the franchise wants to do. That's 10 defenseman.

Redden to another league or another AHL team is 9.
Bickel back to the ECHL, 8.
McIlrath back to juniors, 7 (I really doubt he's the first call-up, or anywhere near it, so let's just send him to the WHL for another year...he needs it).
Niemi is your 7th d-man, or end that experiment. You're down to 6 quality defenseman, and your system is still pretty good at other positions.

You have the flexibility to move one of these guys, but there's no rush to do it, and the Erixon trade does not automatically mean there's another deal involving one of our defenseman coming anytime soon.

Now with all the above, Gilroy will not return as a D. He could be an upgrade with the right 2 way 1 year contract as replacement for Christiansen, in that Gilroy's speed could be useful on a 4th line.

The idea of condensing assets and trading up is sound means as for technique to acquire more talent to compete at the next level.

But our talent is not equally distributed, we are superior at G and D, not so much at Fs.

We can ignore this reality, or play to our strength, trade up our Ds, maximize our D, and then even think about getting some help at F.

If for example Pashnin can cut the mustard right away, maybe we trade a grinder like Weise and Sauer for a guy like Ryan Clowe and a high pick. Not saying it's got to be Clowe, just saying we should use it, not lose it, and it's more difficult to maximize our F position, so let's be creative at D and G.

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