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Originally Posted by Railman View Post
They're not forced to overpay, at least not nearly as much as they do. They overpay that much because they have retarded GMs and because they have the money to throw around (which many teams don't).

The most sought after players are overpaid no matter where they go. It's the nature of the beast. That's why a team should never go for such a player on the UFA market unless said player truly is a top tier talent.

Anyway, considering all the tax loopholes, the difference between different cities is not nearly as big as it might seem at first.
Of course they aren't, nobody has a gun to their heads. But frankly if you were GM of the team and you knew you'd be fired because you can't ice a competitive team due to people always bringing up taxes, etc when negotiating and you know nobody would sign here without overpaying what would you do? Just magically find players that do? Clearly it's an issue or they wouldn't be overpaying, so in essence your point about them not being forced to is silly. Yeah of course they aren't forced to but it's either overpay players and ice a competitive team and keep your job, or ice a crap team don't land any players and get fired.

Yeah I guess though because they aren't forced to at gun point, automatically these gm's like Gainey/Sather who have won cups as managers must be complete ****ing tools.

Obviously they don't overpay because they just want to throw money at any UFA, they do so because every time they do negotiations these factors play a part and thus they'd lose out on signing significant players if they didn't overpay.

Originally Posted by NHLFutureGuy3 View Post
It's not a big deal to the players because teams like Montreal, NY, and Toronto end up giving them huge contracts to compensate. However, it does matter to Montreal as a whole because for each contract that we have to overpay to compensate we become that much closer to the salary cap. As a result we are not be able to sign an extra roster player when a less taxed city is able to.

Each player is different. So why not try to put as many factors on our side as possible to eliminate the tax issue as one of the possible reasons for not signing here?
That's exactly it. People who think Gainey/Sather are retarded simply don't understand how tough a job it really is. This isn't NHL 11.

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