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06-06-2011, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by predfan24 View Post
Studies have shown if your looking to make money owning a sports franchise is not the way to do it. Only a handful of teams in the NHL make any substantial amount of money.

Owners DO care about the number of kids playing hockey at the grassroots level because that indicates level of interest and in the future those are going to be the people buying tickets to your games.

Nobody was trying to compare Southern hockey numbers to cities in Canada or traditional states or cities in the North US. The point is to show the people who think people in the US and specifically Southern States don't care about playing hockey. WRONG! The numbers prove otherwise. Hockey at the grassroots level has grown substantially over the last decade in the South.

Number of rinks is an issue in a lot of these places. I know Nashville needs one or two new arenas terribly. It's driving away new players interested in the game because all the leagues are full and there is no spare ice time. Obviously though privately opening and mantaining a rink in the South is much more expensive than places where the the weather is more mild year round. I can vouch personally that in the Nashville area in the past 5 years at least 3 different groups have seriously tried to plan and start on 3 different arenas. All backed out though because the financials didn't work.
Are you able to elaborate on who were the 3 different groups and their plans? Anything in the works? Jeff Cogen from the Dallas Stars who has now joined the Preds had previously mentioned he would like to see more rinks in Nashville alike what had happenend in Dallas with the Dr Pepper Centers. Hopefully if it comes to fruition they will be more than just a bunch of cash cows.

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