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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
Again they asked for Carter I'm's never hurts to ask right? Doesn't mean a trade was out of realm of possibility..especially given all the risk everybody was worried about although from the beginning I happened to think it was overblown and especially considering all the risk Holmgren ultimately took on with Leighton, Shelley, Walker and to an extent Carcillo and Zherdev. The added value of all those players in the playoffs was pretty much negligible....obviously Thomas' value in the playoffs this year is anything but. Again..yes hindsight is 20/20 but you're rewarded and paid for foresight. Anyway....let's see what Holmgren's foresight involves this summer...he undershot last year..this year he'll probably overshoot.
Agreed on this note. I'm not saying that Carter for Thomas was the final deal and Homer had to take it or leave it, but it would've taken some guts to make a trade for him. I think we can all agree that Holmgren definitely did not do the right thing in resigning Leighton and got lucky with Bob falling into his lap.

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