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Originally Posted by Yellot00tr View Post
Saying that the trade helps give guys like Hagelin an opportunity to crack the lineup is nice, but at what price? That's like saying that Pitt should dump Crosby and Malkin so that younger guys can have a shot at coming up and they'll just rely on defense. Giving the young guys a chance to crack the lineup is always great, but not because you've dumped all your top guys. Should the yankees give up on Teixiera, A-rod, and Cano because it'll give some of the younger guys a chance to play? Outside the box thinking is great when it works, but saying that instead of putting gas into your car, you'll dump tap water in there because it's all liquid would be outside the box as well. It wouldn't be too smart, but yeah, it's definitely outside the box thinking.

I love Dubi, Cally, and AA, but in all honesty, they're better suited for being our 2nd line rather than the 1st line. It's not just a short term depletion if you're not taking into account how to fix it. Saying that it's a short term depletion implies that there's something in the wings waiting - like knowing that you have a Stamkos coming. actually, with the lineup that u put out there, it actually probably will be short term because we'll probably be picking in the top 5 for the next 2 years at least. Maybe we will end up with a Stamkos. Regardless, we'll definitely be in the bottom 3 in terms of goals socred for the next year or 2 at least.

If Larry Brooks is right, and Richards is really looking for 7 years @ $7m per, and the rangers won't make that kind of crazy commitment to a 31 yr old center, then what? you're saying that you're not counting on Richards in one line, but then you mention that Richards with Boyle and Grachev would be scary. What happens when we don't sign Richards?
Bold = disagree. Should be open based on competition, but see first line value there.

Underline = We should not make that kind of crazy offer to a 31 yr old, I agree.
He can get that $$ but only in Toronto, Buffalo, Edmonton. Not a place with enough upside to move for a Cup.

So either Richards doesn't really want a Cup, opposite what was also speculated, or he wants the $$.

A compromise position could be a 2 year deal for max $$.
I give it 2 in 3 Richards will be a Ranger, $5-5.5m base w/incentives. If the incentives are not allowed, then 2 years at 7.75 mil. but no max money for max time.

You're right there is no guarantee. The odds are better Richards will be here.
but not certain.

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