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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post

People forget the whole soap opera that was Rathje trying to force the issue to come back..that is what others are trying to point out to you. Sure the Flyers took advantage of a loophole with the whole LTIR but it doesn't mean he didn't have an affect on roster decisions and the team etc. That is my contention...
{MOD EDIT} I'm only dealing in the facts. He didn't have an effect on roster decisions. Rathje didn't get his wish. He was not healthy enough to play. the Flyers used the LTI exemption, not any loophole, to be able to replace Rathje and put a complete team together. It didn't cost them from making any move they wanted to make. Getting Rathje on LTIR was never a problem. And didn't cost the Flyers any serious Cap issues other than just having to show the league that Rathje was not healthy enough to play.

So I'm still waiting for you to show me what was so ludicrous about my statement that Rathje didn't cause the FLyers any serious Cap issues.

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