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08-23-2005, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
but who says that's not already the case? Do you think Finley has "proven" himself? Hasn't management said that they're more than a little disappointed that he hasn't taken the reins the way he should have, by now? We can't just make Finley the defacto "go-to guy." If Rinne comes in and outplays Finley, then he should be the starter. Finley can't be it...on principle.
Agreed, but if Rinne comes in and outplays Finley, it means Finley is done as a Predator. While you are 'hoping' for this scenario, I'd rather not cross that bridge. I'd love for Rinne to come in and play great and earn his keep as Finley's backup as long as Finley plays better and earns his keep as well.

If Rinne beats Finley out for a starting job, it doesn't necessarily mean that Rinne is any good. In fact, nothing tells me anything more than that he's average. Using that as a template, if he beats out Finley, it likely means Finley played below average. I'd prefer that not happen. Finley as the starter means one of two things generically speaking, he's either good or Rinne is bad. The odds of him being good over Rinne being bad are better, in my mind, than Rinne outplaying a stellar Brian Finley. In other words, I think the Preds will be better off if Finley starts.

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