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06-06-2011, 10:56 PM
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Originally Posted by sabrefan27 View Post
Unfortunately this mentality keeps seeping into the AHL and it continues to degrade the quality of the league. If only the AHL had more management teams like Chicago and Hershey and demanding fans like Rochester. The league would be in way better shape.
Or, it could be out of business like the 90s IHL. You can't possibly say for sure which way that theoretical setup would put the league in terms of viability, much less know for sure that the quality on the ice would be ANY different. All we can know is how we got here - change one variable, and the whole set of dominoes falls differently.

Plus, wasn't hockey ALWAYS better "15 years ago", no matter when that statement is made? Rose-tinted rear-view glasses are a heck of a thing to wear permanently.

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