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06-06-2011, 11:26 PM
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Heres the simple fact...the league is TOO BIG, but then again, so is just about every major 4 pro league though as well(NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB)30 teams waters it down. Now throw in the fact the league is "developmental" and not every organization views it in the same light and not evcery affiliated team is ran the same way because of it. If we were to discount all the lower than AA leagues in minor league hockey after this summer you are looking at maybe 62 at the fewest(12 CHL, 20 ECHL and 30 AHL) There used to be I can't even think of the number of teams in say like 2000. You had 2 AAA leagues, 3 AA leagues, well over 100. The economy and such has weeded things out for sure.

Heres a simple theory, but it will never work anyway. 15 AHL teams, 2 affiliations for each club, an Eastern and Western Affiliation. Another idea, take out every questionable market in the minor leagues and have a 15 team ECHL where a franchises top prospects play and a 15 team AHL with the same concept. Of course I know thats not very likely either, but it would atleast make things a little more interesting. More teams=increasing costs, thats just part of why the NHL teams are taking over this league.

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