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06-07-2011, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by spitfires07 View Post
as a forward, can someone recommend how i should be sharpening my skates?

i'm in the category of just handing them to the guy and asking for them to be sharpened. (which i'm assuming is a 1/2" cut). it has worked okay for me up to this point but i was wondering that if i ask for them to be cut differently, will it make a noticeable difference in my speed/agility on the ice?

i'm about 5'11, 170 if that plays a factor into how sharp i should ask for them to be cut.
Do you like going out on freshly sharpened blades? Or do you find yourself trying to dull the edges/needing a few games before the cut starts to feel comfortable? If they feel too sharp, go with a shallower hollow.

But if they feel great on a fresh cut, 1/2" (or whatever the guy is doing as standard) is probably fine for you.

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