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Originally Posted by mtlhddoc2 View Post
Developmentally, they are all teh same, and you make it out as if nothing they do on the ice, to win, matters, when in fact, it does.

Heck, why do we even have games in the juniors then? These kids are just trying to get into college or the NHL draft anyway. Why have PeeWee games? It is all the same. the only leagues that play for "the love of the game" are beer leagues. And that goes for every sport.

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Agreed! If the point is purely development, and consequently winning doesn't matter, then why have leagues like the AHL, juniors, etc?

Let me ask this, does winning matter in a development scenario? If the answer is yes, then teams should be trying to get veterans and look for long playoff runs. Teams that aren't would seem to be doing a disservice to development.

If the answer is no, then I come back to why even play games or keep score. If development is or should be the number one goal for AHL teams, why have a championship? Let's just hand out a series of most improved trophies and be done with it. That way, players can rest in the offseaon and be ready to help their NHL teams the following year. Heck, let's expand the draft to 14 rounds and comprise AHL teams entirely of draft picks. You never know when that guy who would have gone undrafted could make an impact.

Ultimately, my answer is that winning does matter. You can instill an attitude in players that nothing less is acceptable so you better play hard all the time. Young players shouldn't just get used to losing for the sake of development. They shouldn't be handed playing time becuase they were drafted players. They should earn playing time by working hard and helping the team win. Conversely, if you stink up the joint because you are disinterested in playing in the minors or don't have the skills to play, then you sit until you can prove you are worthy.

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