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06-07-2011, 10:45 AM
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I'm with macavoy on this one.

AK is seriously underrated by a lot of people. He is, as some said, one of the few that is actually worth exactly what he's paid. I don't want him signed at 4+M. I do not in any way except him to go lower. He'll be around 3.6-3.7M, which is what he's worth. A 40-50 points that hits a lot and actually has game-breaking skills (in a game where scoring is hard, he can make a goal happen out of nowhere, and he did this year during the season and in the playoffs).

He slumps? Breaking news : nearly all 40-50 points players in the league slump. That is why they are 40-50 points players, because they are not able to consistently play at the level they need to be above. Even Lucic who many compared to before and would want so much above has something like 4-5 goals in his last 40-50 games and has been a liability for the majority of the playoffs.

One thing that many seem to ignore is that AK actually improved his defensive game a lot this year. 2 years ago I considered him a liability in his own zone. This year he made many nice back-checking play and is much more useful in our own end than he was before, and does less turn-overs. JM did actually make a good job in this regard.

I'm not expecting him to suddenly break-out and score 70 points with 40 goals. Maybe 2 years ago I saw the talent and hoped for it, now I don't anymore. But I expect him to be exactly at the pace he was in the last few years, with the possibility of a career year at some point (that likely won't repeat itself) in the 60-70 range.

And signing a young home-grown talent to a 1 year deal at his last RFA year IS aweful asset management when the guy could be traded later if things turn out badly. I don't see how people can think that AK will become untradable. Unless PG gives him a ridiculous amount of money (which he won't), AK is a type of player that is very tradable : average salary, very high upside (which he will likely never reach), there's always a GM hoping that he can get this type of player and make them work. Especially when they see what happened to his brother.

AK would get you EASILY a 2nd round pick if you traded him next summer with 1-2 years left with a salary around 3.5-3.8M even if he has an aweful year (which he likely won't, will likely still be around 0.5-0.6 PPG guy). Signing him for 1 year and acting as if everything is fine and dandy with letting him walk after is just aweful asset management, and I hope PG will be better than Gainey for that. Just don't put NTC in every contract and you're fine with signing players that are worth their money (just don't get players with contracts like Gomez...)

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