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06-07-2011, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
Its not the right time to look to trade Girardi yet, and i think itl be next year that he is shopped around depending upong how well our young up and coming, talented blueliners pan out.

But i believe it would be something along the lines of Girardi, a pick, and a good prospect like MZA for a player like Patrick Sharp.

I dont think Girardi will be moved for anything but a 1st line foward
I'm so torn on this. The end of this year you could really see how critical he was. You could see he can be one of those role guys that make the impact during a deep playoff run. A playoff run that I would hope to see in the 2011-12 season, if the Rangers acquired Richards. This would surely send his stock sky high, 2 years left on his contract, MDZ turns it around, Vtank up, Kundrateck filled out....time would be perfect.

Now we get Erixon...OMG...wet my pants...son of Jan Erixon...OMG...wanted the rangers to draft him years ago...OMG OMG OMG!!!! He's lanky but NHL ready more than anyone defender we've seen before, more than McDonagh, he's going to step right in. That gives us 5 defenders right away. 4 between the age of 24 and 20, insane.

Girardi is the overager at 27. MDZ had a stellar rookie year and a terrible sophomore slump. We've got 2 veterans in McCabe and Eminger who can slip in at the #7 spot because neither wants to play anywhere else.

Now isn't the time. But at the end of camp? If Vtank and MDZ look good on the 3rd pair and Erixon looks good playing with Staal like I believe they all will and McCabe is nestled nicely as the 7th veteran defender, Kundratek is our next callup from Hartford Pashnin and Parlett behind him then yeah, I move him for that top end winger.

The problem is teams rosters and caps are set by camp and clubs want to make changes during the offseason so if you're fairly certain MDZ is going to return to his rookie form, Vtank can take the step up to the NHL, Erixon is ready as everyone in the NHL believes he is, McCabe and Eminger are fallbacks at the ready then yeah, maybe now is the time, because his stock is pretty high right now.

If all you do is replace Girardi with Erixon, you drop your cap hit by 1.575 million, add a more mobile defender to your blueline and can add an offensive forward while you're at it.

Adding Erixon makes it time.

Erixon Staal
McD Sauer
Vtank MDZ

Pashnin Parlett

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