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Originally Posted by mtlhddoc2 View Post
Ahhhh, there we get to the heart of your argument. You are upset about the turnover and not having the same guys on your roster year after year. Yeah, I agree with that. I hate wanting to buy a jersey but knowing the guy will be gone this year or the next. The quality may or may not have changed at all in 10 20 30 years whatever, but the turnover rate has, and I would bet, that is what really pisses off the purists like yourselves.
For me it has nothing to do with buying a jersey of current players. It's about having a steady roster with familiar names year after year that you can build a winning team around. So, no, it's not that turnover has changed, it's that the product on the ice is not nearly as good as it was 10 years ago and teams are not built to win games, they are built to develop prospects.

IMO, the majority of parent clubs don't care about winning at the AHL level. See the Devils who, up until this season, were among the NHL's elite season after season. Were their AHL affiliates decent in those seasons? No, but they learned the Devils system so that when they were called up they could fit right in.

I also don't think your baseball analogy, specifically using Dice K as an example works. Yes, if an MLB pitcher is assigned it gives the minor league team a better chance to win since it is the pitcher that controls the game. Put a position player in the lineup and he has only 4 or 5 chances to make an impact on the game. That hardly gives a team a greater chance of winning or losing. What does that have to do with the quality of the AHL today vs yesterday though?

To answer your other question "what are "AHL veterans but guys who couldnt make it in the bigs", it's very simple. They are players that can play at the AHL level at a high level and I'd rather see those players to fill out an AHL roster instead of unsigned free agents or 8th round draft picks who are only there because of the moronic veteran rule that has destroyed the AHL.

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