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06-07-2011, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by slamigo View Post
Give me a freakin break. She didn't invent a new smartphone or discover a new procedure for brain surgery.
She didn't write a sonnet here folks. She tweeted that she saw that Cowen was *gasp* on the ice with the team for the morning skate! OMG! STOP THE PRESSES!!!! NEWS ALERT!!!!

Oh wait, it's just some blogger who tweeted something that is obvious to anyone who possesses eyeballs and is present at the morning skate.

This is the problem with bloggers, tweeters, etc. They are always in a rush to report what they see and try to scoop each other. They think that the virtue in their work is to be found in its rapidity and not in its composition.

Seriously, did she write something very insightful that makes us all take pause and consider her viewpoint? No.

It's like a bunch of weathermen sitting in the same room, staring out the same window and trying desperately to be the first one to blurt out when they see a raindrop.

I like your ideas and wish to subscribe to your newsletter/blog.

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