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Originally Posted by Stealth JD View Post
The Sabres have made the playoffs the last couple of years because there's a pretty noticeable division between the playoff teams and the non-playoff teams in the East, unlike in the West.

The last couple of years, the only teams from the West which really had no chance at the playoffs when the season started was the Oilers & Blue Jackets...and the Blue Jackets managed to stay in the race through 2/3 of the season.

Stick the Blues in the East and the Sabres in the West, and things probably change...we'd be talking about the Blues making the post-season and the Sabres missing. Arguing recent playoff appearances isn't a very thoughtful analysis when trying to differentiate these teams.

Yeah, switch conferences and results would be different, hey bud you realize Sabres had a winning record against the West

Blues haven't won a playoff game since the lockout, Sabres are far and away better. Blues are overrated because they have a bunch of big name prospects and obviously since were on HF they're some god like team.

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