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Originally Posted by Green Men Rule View Post
Speaking of USC, that "Dynasty" is now a lie!!

Daisuke....should STAY in the minors, he's awful. LOL

Okay, back to topic. I've figured it out....this is what the AHL should allow then...

have a luxury tax, like the old UHL used to do. It's basically a soft cap, where the teams who want to win can spend over the cap and they have to pay a luxury tax to the league for it. There was also a penalty fee to be paid for it though. Teams were able to make up a decent amount of that money by generating some revenue on a deep playoff run. The only good thing about this is, the STRUGGLING franchises get some money out of this

or have a protected list like they do in the ECHL, except for the veterans in this case....that way your chances of resigning them becomes greater I guess.

Not to stick up for the guy, but I guess if you wanted to make one arguement....the players today are much better than they were 10-15 years ago skill wise, because in general athletes today are bigger, faster and perhaps even stronger with all the resources out there. That doesn't make the league better. The fact is, this aint baseball. The really really great players will never sniff a day in the A(like Crosby and Ovechkin)
While what you are proposing may sound good, with the NHL's influence on the AHL it's just not going to happen.

As for your last paragraph, even if the players hare more skiled today than they were 10 years ago, a proven AHL veteran has more skill than a 20 year old undrafted free agent and I'd much rather have that veteran on my team than the 20 year old. is offline   Reply With Quote