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06-07-2011, 03:21 PM
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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Your Carle love affair is sickening. If I recall, Carle's position is "defenseman," which would suggest that he's good at (and should get paid for) defense. Defensively I wouldn't put Carle slighly above average, but his mistakes in his own end and over-commitments in the offensive zone knock him down quite a bit. He is not worth his $3.5m cap hit. I'd legitimately be worried if Matt Carle was anchoring a top 4 defensive pair. If he can get more on the market, then by all means, let him.
There is no love affair. I judge players solely on their merits as a player. And I provide facts to back up my opinion. Carle is a solid player in his own end, and he is very good offensively. The numbers clearly show that he is a top 4 defenseman. The production he brings to the ice makes him well worth his Cap hit.

Carle is no different from any other defenseman in that he is not mistake free. His offensive instincts are solid in the offensive zone. I don't see an over comittment issue. Many of the Flyers defenseman get blamed for bad pinches by a number of fans. When it is by design and part of their system play to play aggressively at the opposition blue line and neutral zone to pressure the puck. There is a system in place that provides a safety mechanism behind them of support from the forwards in a hybrid version of the LW lock. When this doesn't happen, many time a defenseman is blamed when the fault was not with them, for an odd man rush. Laviolette wants and teaches his defensman to gamble on the puck and be aggressive, and favor the offensive side of the puck.

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