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Originally Posted by Captain Smurf View Post
To be honest, I don't think the Habs board is the problem. I would like to see more joke threads, but thats neither here nor there. I think the reason we're hated are the constantly awful trade proposals on the Trade boards and the voting en-masse in the polls section for the Canadiens.

Trolls are inevitable for this board, but it would be nice if we cut back on the terrible trade proposals.

I'm sorry but I need to call out some people. Math Radio... Relax! Almost every trade proposal is made by him, and they are ALL bad! Maybe posting a trade proposal thread in the habs forum as a stickey or something would be nice so that we can get other ppl's perspectives, because its ridiculous.

Habs Hotel, you're not as bad but still, quality over quantity! Think about it through both teams perspectives before posting. There are more guys, but I can't think of em now.

In regards to OP

While I don't think the bipolarism will ever end, we can do something about more funny threads. There was the "everywhere Cocaine" thing which for a while was just hilarious until the mods ruined the party . I miss those threads. We got so many great Photoshoppers in this forum alone, we should use em!

Considering it was the first ever fan draft, I say it was successful... although slow. But I loved the idea. More Ideas like this would be welcomed. Anybody realize the best time to get on hf boards is when we are doing something as a community (ie. Playoff or season avatars and stuff like that). We could create some user name bet threads, like Whiskey Seven for one... I would love to see him with an IheartHamrlik username, or JimCareyPrice with earl the Price fan. Stuff like that to lighten the mood and make the community tighter.

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