Thread: Speculation: If Craigs list came true
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06-07-2011, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
His lists have been off the wall but many a time in the past players have fallen thus totally screwing all the 'best' mock drafts. MPS was not supposed to last until 10th, Fowler was not supposed to last as long as he did.

I would say the chances of the Oilers trading up are very very very slim. Tambellini is not light on his feet and able to make sudden decisions, or at least he has not shown that in his tenure. Perhaps if he works out a trade with Columbus well in advance we might have a chance but I'd be shocked if we move up even though I am with the rest of you and would love to do so under the right circumstances.
Im actually quite thankful Tambellini doesnt make many snap decisions. The only glaring move thats negative is Khabby's contract, but thats only because it's 2 yrs too long. Other than that he's quite OK. The steady hand approach has gotten us out of any potential cap hell for the time being, and extra picks/prospects to keep the cupboards full (IE Garon trade, and Penner trade).

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