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06-07-2011, 06:22 PM
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I have played on two different types, the first was at an indoor rink in West Hills CA. The paint was kind of glossy and as far as I remember it was fine, but after some use the paint would wear off and end up in the bearings/axle of our skates so I had to clean/rotate my wheels more often.
The other was in Laguna Hills with chain link fence for glass. The surface is concrete and the paint is the same as they use on tennis courts. It chews through your wheels ans stick like there is now tomorrow. Use an ABS blade and hard wheels. i also learned to clean my wheels with acetone to keep them as clean as possible. I purchased new pants and there were holes after a few games and I eventually cut the legs off and converted them to shorts. My shinguards are fine even with no protection over them.
I hated playing on the surface in Laguna Hills, but the options on where to play are very limited for me and I did not want to drive a long distance to play hockey.
Sport court is by far the superior surface, but they never got around to putting up a roof. I guess the UV would ruin an unprotected sport court.

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