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Originally Posted by Ashe View Post
Being an employee of the company that is putting this out, i can honestly say you wont believe it until you actually play it.

You can go from single player games on one big screen, or have a friend jump in seamlessly onto a second controller, and put the map, etc, on the big screen, and you each play from your own controller screen, or you can split screen.

The only issue i had when i held one, is battery life might be a problem, but was informed they are working on making sure it has 15-20 hours per full charge, but can also be played while plugged in.

The graphics on the controller screen are beautiful, and is a perfect size so it doesn't hurt your hands and in fact is exceedingly comfortable, much like the Snes controllers.. From the mock tester i had my hands on, they did take advice that was going around on moving the buttons closer upwards, but didn't center the bottom buttons which was a huge thing i had a problem with personally. I do expect one more change to curve the tops much like the Snes controller was to make the buttons easier.

The graphic potential and cost of these is actually around the ps3 price point, but i have not heard on individual costs for controllers, and what accessory's there are. or, what is back-wards compatible from the wii's line up. i wouldn't expect extra controllers to go past the 99$ price point though.

The time my office had with is was only in the 2-4 hour range, but i am beyond excited for it, the potential is just unmatched on what they can do with it. And from first hand experiance, i think they will go above and beyond
Employee of what company in Saskatoon???

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