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06-07-2011, 07:28 PM
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Finally a preview from E3....

But as 47 barreled through an apartment building on the run, making his way through innocent bystanders (and taking out a cop with the aforementioned bong-kill), as he made his way to the lobby of the apartment in a stolen police uniform only to stumble on a SWAT team command center, as the player had to make the choice to grab a gun and kill everyone or try to hide in plain sight, it felt like a Hitman game to me. And when 47 walked out of the building, turned and made his way to a busy street and lost himself in the crowd, it felt like... coming home.
Sounds about right to me

Another new teaser trailer to salivate over too... although I hope sneaking in the shadows still takes precedence over mass killing

Nice bit of info from developer here

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