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06-07-2011, 07:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Miamipuck View Post
In a weak draft, there is such a huge gap between top 10-15 (just an example) and top 25 players that the difference can be an order of magnitude.

I am not saying I know for sure where that drop off occurs nor how steep. If I did I would be in a front office somewhere. But from all that I am reading it is definitely in the top half that talent falls off the cliff.

I think your example works better in a draft where the falloff is flattish. I see your point and I think we agree more than you think. I suppose we are arguing semantics as I think the dropoff is steeper.

Look I would love to have a draft where the Rangers picked up 10 good prospects to cram into the system. In my opinion in this type of draft, I would take 1-2 quality prospects over a shotgun approach.

It depends really. I kind of agree with you. If the Rangers feel there's a big drop off between 15 and 25, then no reason to trade with the Leafs. But if you are getting someone who has 20% chance of being a second liner at #15 vs. someone who has a 15% chance at #25, I think it's worth going for it if you also get another first round pick at #29.

Alternatively, you can go all out for it. #25 and #29 for #15, then flip each first rounder for a pair of second rounders.

Then load up the system with 4 second liners who are similar to what Thomas was last year.

One will bust immediately, two will be ok, and one will immediately start to look really good. I think that would be what I would want this year.

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