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Originally Posted by rebel diamond View Post
Well, it's easy money that two of those "revived" are Tyrion and Brienne, and I'd wager Benjen is a third. I still believe that Syrio was just a plot device to teach Arya and introduce the free cities, and that he's well and truly dead.

On a fully unrelated note, I think one of the most unexplored plotlines from Crows was the "crowning princess Myrcella" one. I'm hoping that gets revisited in the latter half of Dragons.
This is only simple speculation of a single paragraph review, but the first two I don't think would count. Tyrion obviously since he clearly escaped at the end of book 3, and in book 4 I don't think anyone was supposed to be fooled into thinking she got killed, rather the cliffhanger was more setup as 'how did she get out of that'?

First one is 'Reek', since a sample chapter of him is released. Benjen is a good guess and likely choice as well. You can find a transcript of Bran's first chapter, which George read at some fan conference and 'Coldhands' is a mysterious figure who's obviously a zombie of some sort yet doesn't reveal his face. Unless the article was misleading I'd think you need one more at least, and who that could who knows. But I'd still be pretty shocked if Syrio makes a triumphant return.

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