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I was pretty disappointed when I watched that first video, but it got more interesting with the other videos. I think that the uses in that first video were more about demonstrating possible uses, not actual representations of how the features will be used in games. I imagine that the actual game developers will come up with much more interesting uses.

The thing about this design is that there appear to be so many different possibilities. It's almost like it does so much that it's hard to really understand what it does. I'm sure that it'll be much more clear when we actually get to play with them in real games.

One cool thing that I gleaned from one of the videos is that it sounds like you can play the Wii with the TV off and using just the controller. For example, if others want to watch TV or a movie and you'd rather play Zelda, they could have the TV and you could play on the controller with some headphones. That's pretty neat.

Hopefully, we'll get a better idea of what the console is really about as it gets closer. It may have me scratching my head a bit, but I have faith in Nintendo's ability to consistently hit home runs, so I believe that we'll like it when we finally use it, like the original Wii.

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I believe there will only be the on LCD screen controller for each WiiU. All other players would use a Wii remote. Not sure if I'm totally wrong here or not.
Yes, that's what I took from it, as well. Every Wii U will come with one LCD controller and can be used either by a solo gamer, handed to players when it's their turn or by one player who intends to be the "game master" or something. In fact, the stats in the first post mention that only one LCD controller can talk to the Wii U at a time, so that kind of rules out having more than one, I would think. Maybe, eventually, Nintendo will be able to have more than one communicate, games will be written to take advantage of it and, by then, the LCD controllers will be affordable enough to make purchasing of extras practical. Until then, though, it's likely not something that we need to worry about.

Also, it's worth pointing out that the Engadget article says that you don't even have to use the LCD controller at all. That's nice if it's optional. That means that casual "non-gamers" like our parents and those in senior citizen homes won't have to bother learning to use it, making the Wii U just as simple to play as the original Wii, if that's what they want.

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