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06-07-2011, 11:01 PM
Oscar Acosta
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I'm sorry but it personally looks horrible to me. The controller cannot be comfortable in any way, having more to do with it doesn't make it better. Same deal with Vita's analog, buttons, touch screen and back screen.

Also just holding it up to the screen to aim something, that boggles my mind how anyone would want this as a feature. You want to see what you're looking at so you change your line of sight by looking at 2 screens?

Wow, I see a guy I want to shoot, let me fire this giant screen in front of my face first line it up and boom, I'm already dead.

When the demonstration first started and the guy walked in the room as the roommate was playing Mario and he's all "Baseball is on" and the Wii graphics turned into something that looked like real life I was like "OK, here we go, next gen"

Nope, Wii with tablet.

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