Thread: Injury Report: Back Surgery for Alfie.
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06-08-2011, 02:53 AM
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Originally Posted by jbeck5 View Post
Wow, way to miss the point. In no way did i say adding a year at low pay was ********. I'm saying if you were to do that with no intent of playing the remaining 2 years, you might as well have added 2 low pay years to lower the average cap hit even more. This is if the plan was to put him on LTIR in the last year from the beginning. If the plan was not to play the last year, THEN it's ******** to not have added 2 low pay years like a lot of player's contracts have.

However i don't believe that was part of the plan. I believe the plan is to play out the remaining years of his contract.
I didn't really make myself very clear previously, apologies i was at work and typing pretty quickly. I agree with you in that at time of contract signature the ideal plan was that Alfie would continue to play out the full contract. I do, however, believe that part of the plan took into consideration that there was a decent chance that he may not be able to play out the entire length of his contract. As such i think management had a belief that with alfie's health they could likely wriggle out of potential cap problem down the line via the LTIR. As such it was part of the plan, albeit, a broad plan.

I can't remember the environment with players signing front loaded long term contracts at the time of Alfie's extension. I checked when the investigation into Hossa and Pronger's contracts took place and it was the summer after Alfie's extension, for some reason i originality thought Alfie's extension came after and that would provide a logical reason into why they didn't add years. Obviously not.

Like i said I do still think that putting Alfie on LTIR in the last year of his contract was part of the broad plan

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