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06-08-2011, 06:26 AM
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*Rushes into the QT*

I'll take 35 on the black trans-am and 100 on the black and blue Nashville Predators Nationwide series car.

*Looks at the cashier's microphone and grabs it*

Due to prior commitments, the Nashville Predators' pick was made in proxy and we would like to make the official announcements.

Nashville is proud to select CWS as our first pick in the dispersal draft. he showed an interest in Nashville and is an excellent selection to add to our core of potent posters.

In the second round Nashville is proud to have selected Thomas Magnum to the team. In a short span, Thomas added 20% to his post total just in luring and recruiting Nashville to draft him.

A few comments. After watching the insanity of the trade market I realized that the value wasn't there to move up. An admin for 3 spots, are you kidding me? Yes, it was a Wings admin so it was still 50 cents on the dollar but still.

With UFA signing KevinQX Nashville is doing cartwheels right now. We protected our roster while improving greatly with well rounded posters. It was commented that Nashville might select a specialist like a GDT maker or a Photoshopper but that is not the Nashville way.

Nashville is also going to use it's territorial pick to select Thrash of the Atlanta Thrashers. Gnash needs a playmate. If there are any further questions please save them for the presser in Chattanooga. You can follow us in the Smokey and the Bandit replica Trans-Am

or the Nashville Predators Nationwide Series NASCAR.

If you can keep up.

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