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06-08-2011, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Law View Post
Visionary business sense. Why bother growing your potential consumer base when you can consolidate it to a much smaller geographical area that already loves the game.

Perhaps they can just relocate teams to cities that have Canadian major junior teams. Call it the CHL Senior Circuit. Goldmine!

You have to know your limitations even in business. I'll bet you would buy a snowball factory in the yukon based on your vast business acumen and philosophy.
Grassroots starts with being able to play, watch, benefit, and enjoy. Many years ago I learned to skate on a pond in up-state NY. My son started his skating career on a pond in Southern ON. We both had friends who skate if not all our friends skate. there is a cost curve to business development that determines profit / loss margins. The cost of building and maintaining a rink combined with the amount of interest that already may be in the area will dictate the viability for growth of a market. As well you have to factor in businesses that would provide equipment in the case of the hockey market. Will the local sporting goods store (LSS) be able to make a profit while maintaining a stock of many different size and level of quality equipment? I could go on and on but I'm hoping you get the gist of this by now.

As for your snarky remark "Perhaps they can just relocate teams to cities that have Canadian major junior teams. Call it the CHL Senior Circuit."
If they did I'll bet that the league would sell more tickets than the Atlanta market ever did and for more money per seat. As a mater of fact I know guys who pays between 4 and 7 grand a season per player to play in a full checking senior travel league http://majorleaguehockey.pointstreak...ckey/allan-cup As well some of the games during the Allan Cup final are broadcasted on TV up here. I'm sure that this league is profitable and that alone makes the market better than any of the southern markets at any given time. As well it makes for a market to grow profitability and reach for the NHL as opposed to what has happened in the southern markets.

A little thing called market demographics could have limited the disaster that is called the" NHL Southern market". It was worth a try I guess but it's time to stick a fork in it and turn it over it's done.

GO Boston GO!!

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