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Originally Posted by JawandaPuck View Post
CHI and VAN had the right guys in place already. No need to deal Bolland and Kesler. Instead they dealt young desirable assets in Barker & Grabner, both of whom were luxuries to their respective teams. Mojo is a luxury even if he turns out to be a 50 point, two way 5'11" 2C, ie, poor man's Backstrom or Steen-lite. While still on an ELC, he's that much more marketable.

As for cap space, plenty to go around in WSH, up to $4-5M for the right player. It may not work, but I'm sure GMGM will try.
When Kesler and Bolland were 20 their teams could easily have made very good the argument to deal them then to get better quicker as neither was even a full time NHLer at that point.

Vancouver was coming off two fairly early playoff exits after great regular seasons, kind of like the Caps now, and then in the first year after the lockout missed the playoffs. Dealing Kesler would have made sense if the goal was to accelerate the improvement process. But I guarantee they are very very happy they hung onto him and let him mature into the player he is today.

Chicago was in the 4th year of 5 in a row of missing the playoffs but were getting better, though slowly. Again dealing Bolland to accelerate that improvement would have had sense but without a doubt they are glad they didn't move him then.

There are plenty of examples of teams that could have dealt away young players for immediate help but didn't and those young players matured into big time contributors on cup winners or finalists. Pretty much the only example in anywhere close to recent times the other way is Nieuwendyk/Iginla and that was 16 years ago.

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