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06-08-2011, 09:27 AM
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Sunshine, welcome to the board. You will be surprised and delighted at how extensively things are debated here.

For instance, I would not be surprised in the least if your Reasoner picture sparked a 12 page debate on his character, FO %, dedication, etc.. with the following arguments:

Replacement: How can Reasoner be so goofy when there are children living on the streets of Edmonton which need the money the city is throwing away on an Arena?

Real Estate Agent: Obviously, Reasoner just recieved a special "tax break" from the mayor. I put out some flyers about it and no one disputed it.

Kentucky Cowboy: Good on Reasoner! I have a nicer tux!

The Stig/Jump the Shark: resnr was in my hcky pol but nvr got me any ponts

There will then be someone who will state that at least Reasoner is better than Gagner, with rebuttles of Gagner only being 21, so "let's wait" with extensive comparisons to body type similarities and then youtube postings of the players trying to be funny ("I think Marty's funnier! Better for the Dressing room!") and then several Gagner proposals that are irrelevant to the discussion.

OilerOilli: Reasoner was the worst decision Management has ever made

Then someone will dig up several OilerOilli posts on him trying to run Reasoner out of town while we had him at which point he'll switch to a different thread to complain.

This will spark a subdiscussion on players ran out of town, which will inevitably have someone who is 15 years old state that we never should have gotten rid of Arnott because he's "awesome" and has no clue what went on when Arnott was here which will spark another mini-discussion...

...which will lead to Souray, and three pages of how Souray is innocent, and rebuttle that Souray is an idiot, which will eventually lead to...

...the rumour thread, where newoilburnsclean claims he heard from a source that we are trading Souray for Reasoner.

Welcome my friend. You are in for a treat.


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