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06-08-2011, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi View Post
Isn't that a little hyprocitical? Bolland is one of the cheapest, dirtiest SOB's in the league IMO. How many two hand slashes has he delivered on a Sedin the past 3 years? You love him because he is a good player who helps your team win.

The Canucks are a rival in the way of success for other teams so naturaly they draw a lot of hate, if they stunk and were basement dweller I really dont think the reaction would be the same - all around the boards.

Look at Anaheim in 2007, they were dirty pieces a ****, but they were also a good hockey team and rightfuly so won it all last year.

No hockey team is full og angels, and if they are - they're not very good one most likely.
Bolland definitely gets his little shots in, although I think a big part of his game is what he does to his opponents psychologically, by trash talking and being a pest. I sure don't remember the Hawks being hated on last year like the Canucks are this year, so there must be some difference.

I think the things that are really making people dislike the Canucks are the those that involve a bit of cowardice. Biting someone's finger, diving, whining to the refs, disrespecting an opponent after beating them in a Game 7 overtime...For whatever reason, the public looks down much more on stuff like this than they do on bullying techniques. Not saying it's right, but that appears to be the trend.

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