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06-08-2011, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
It depends really. I kind of agree with you. If the Rangers feel there's a big drop off between 15 and 25, then no reason to trade with the Leafs. But if you are getting someone who has 20% chance of being a second liner at #15 vs. someone who has a 15% chance at #25, I think it's worth going for it if you also get another first round pick at #29.

Alternatively, you can go all out for it. #25 and #29 for #15, then flip each first rounder for a pair of second rounders.

Then load up the system with 4 second liners who are similar to what Thomas was last year.

One will bust immediately, two will be ok, and one will immediately start to look really good. I think that would be what I would want this year.
I agree with you to an extent.. I think it will depend on who is left on the Board after picks 1-14 before they decide to swing a deal. If im Sather i dont accept anything less than the 25th and 29/30th pick overall.. Otherwise, i keep the 15th and make my pick. There is no reason to accept any less than that. Burke wants to move up but keep his 2 1st. Well thats to bad.. If you want to move up 4-6 spots then yea the other teams 1st and one of his 2nds makes up the difference. But he isnt looking to move up 4-6 spots.. he wants to move up 10! That would require more payment on his part and instead of the 39th, it should be the 29/30th pick.

I dont agree with you at all about if we got those two picks to continue to trade down to get 3-4 2nd round picks. This is NOT the draft to do that. It is very hard to fine a talent later in the 2nd round because the talent drop off in the 2nd round compared to the 1st is a big difference. Id much rather 2 late 1sts in this draft than 4 random 2nd round picks. Ill take my chances with Grimaldi and Puempel as my two picks than whoever may be left in the 2nd.

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