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Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
hmm intriguing...see this is what I mean about reallocation of assets. Trading Carter for the right package would position this team much better. A deal with Columbus for their 8th, Voracek and another prospect is def something the Flyers have to consider. People keep talking about why the Flyers would trade Carter after the deal they just signed. Well consider also why the Flyers left themselves a little breathing room with the NMC which doesn't kick in till later.

If this Duncan Siemens guy is what he's billed at..well it makes good sense to try and get this pick somehow. Drafting an impact D man or one with the potential to be one is much better than trying to acquire one in a trade which will cost you even more like we saw with Pronger. Again ..given the Pronger situation with his back and not knowing if he'll ever be a full-time player again and then with Timonen leaving probably after next season...well it makes sense to try and get a defensive prospect in this draft who can play fairly quick and will be cap friendly. Then with Timonen's money you can sign another impact one later but at leass money. To me this is how you manage a team instead of putting all our eggs in Carter's basket.
Flyers left "breathing room" for themselves because no player can have a NTC or NMC until they're UFA years kick in. That's why Richards doesn't have one yet either.

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