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06-08-2011, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by MayDay View Post
What's mandatory about it? The new console will be playable with all existing Wii controllers. You could play it with nothing but the Classic Controller if you really want the most conventional console experience possible.

But Nintendo is right to try to differentiate themselves and not simply try to one-up what MS and Sony are doing. The last time Nintendo tried to release an ordinary console with an ordinary controller aimed only at traditional gamers, they failed. The Gamecube came in a distant third. I think the memory of that failure still guides Nintendo's strategy, and I don't know why gamers keep demanding that Nintendo make the same mistakes they made before, with the Gamecube.
Distant 3rd is an exaggeration, it was only about 2 million behind the Xbox. The important fact is that Nintendo made a profit on every Gamecube sold from launch.

The Wii, despite selling 4 times the amount of Gamecubes sold, still shares the same problem as the Cube and that is the lack of quality 3rd party games and the ones that are there are overshadowed by Nintendo's own offerings. Atleast the multiplatform games that did make their way to the Cube were pretty much on par, in quality, with their PS2 and Xbox brethren, you can't say the same about the multiplatform games on the Wii.

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