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Originally Posted by 44 95 plus tax View Post
Martindale, Ceci, Tofolli, Nesbit and Mark Zanetti.....

Yes, they were there. I guess they needed some bodies to fill up the benches to have scrimages.

From this years draft:

Perklin (or Perkin as 67's say?) Big kid, but kind of awkward. Didn't impress me on Saturday, but came to play on Sunday. Scored a nice goal off the wing with a solid top corner slap shot.

Vlajkov: he really didn't stand out, good or bad, which I guess is a good thing.

Salerno: This kid can play. He's small, but great wheels, handles the puck well, and good hockey sense. Don't know why he dropped to the third round. Maybe size and NCAA rumours. He will make the team.


Van Stralan: Big kid too. Needs some work skating, but will be a good mucker type guy. I don't think this kind of scrimmage is where he would stand out.

Giftopolous: Obviously has worked on his skating, but still doesn't pass the puck. A few times his linemates were a litlle pissed skating off the ice after he held on to the puck and either made a weak shot or lost the puck.

Gustuvson: Still a little pitpull, hard to knock off the puck and his puck pursuit is great. Stood up to some of the big defensemen in goal mouth scrambles as well.

Cooper Rush. BIG. Had a nice slapshpot goal from the point yesterday, but I think was on for the first 5 Black goals.


Mazrek and Campbell won't have any worries going in to camp.....
Agree with much of this assessment:

Perklin really did not make much of an impression on either day. Definitely has size but needs to work on his skating. He did score on day 2 but overall was not that noticeable.

Agree on Vlajkov - also did not make much of an impression on me although I did focus more on incumbents and some of the Ottawa kids.

Agree on the positives stated regarding Salerno although they really only applied to his play in game 1 where he was possibly the most noticeable kid on the ice. However his shifts were consistently way too long and it seemed to catch up to him on day 2. He looked like he emptied the tank and had nothing left - pretty much a non-factor, tired and got bounced around making me question his ability to step in right away considering how small he is.

Agree on Van Stralen - big and strong but possibly more suited to a 3rd line role - at least at the start.

Giftopolous did hog the puck but displayed some nice wheels and perhaps is ready to take the next step.

Gustuvson was exactly as described - hard not to admire a small kid who works like that.

From the Ottawa perspective I also liked what Golberg and Blair did. I thought Golberg got some decent puck time considering he's a 7th rounder. Made good decisions with and without the puck, showed some speed on a couple of drives tot he net and put himself in good scoring positions several times. He also held his own in the face-off circle and in a couple of 1-on-1 battles with bigger players.

As stated, goaltending wasn't stellar but as a 16 year old, Blair made several key saves in the 2nd game, coming in cold and having his team disappear for awhile. He held the fort through the early going until several lightning quick shots and a breakaway got past him but most were from 67 vets so I give the kid a break on those.

I would have like to have seen Seatter out there but as I understand it, he had to attend Carelton Place's camp the same weekend.

Other impressions... much of the D play was unimpressive - especially on black where they couldn't seem to move the puck with any consistency. I thought McKee had a particularly tough time on day 2.

Another big impression was that the quality of play from the vets who ended up filling in for missing prospects. Ceci looked pretty good as a forward but several others really did not impress. Toffoli was obviously suffering from post NHL signing fever or something as he wasn't skating and had no hands - certainly not what you'd expect after the year he just had. Nesbitt acted like he was hoping to make the team again by hogging the puck and taking runs at people. And conversely, Martindale and Zanetti showed their annoyance when anyone dared to finish a hit on them.

I would have expected them to lead by example for the new guys and help the prospects show what they were capable of. The weekend was really about the prospects, not the vets but they had other ideas unfortunately.

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