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Originally Posted by ponder View Post
Not to be a downer, or to specifically call you out (there are many posts like yours), but there are a COUNTLESS kids who are naturally athletic, naturally very talented at hockey, who work like mad at the sport since a very young age, who still do not play a single game in the NHL. I know very athletic guys, who dominated every level they played at since they were tiny little kids, who devoted massive amounts of time to the sport, and even still they've made it no further than Jr A, the CHL, the CIS, or for one friend of a friend, low level pro hockey in Europe. To make the NHL you need not only exceptional commitment, but very exceptional talent. For example, only about 15-30 Ontario kids from any given birth will play a single game in the NHL, with only about half of those able to stick around for anything more than a few games here and there. There are an insane number of incredibly talented kids playing hockey at a very high level, who are super dedicated to the sport, and the vast, vast, vast majority of them will not make the NHL. We're talking about a countless number of kids who were always among the best players in the top leagues growing up, who were very dedicated to the sport, who still didn't make it. In any given birth year there is a good chance that the absolute best player from Kitchener, Oshawa, London, Hamilton, wherever will still not be good enough to play in the NHL. Unless you've played in at least the CHL I don't see how you could honestly think "if I did this differently, I could have made it." And I'm just talking about playing a few games here and there, nevermind being a first liner like Burrows, which is massively less common. If you've never even played ice hockey at all I don't see how you could possibly think "had I been focused on hockey since I was a child, I'd probably be like Alex Burrows."

I will say this, I played a good amount of hockey when I was younger, was a decent HS player in Toronto, am now a decent beer leaguer, I'm 6' tall with wide shoulders and am naturally fairly strong and decently athletic, but even if I was ridiculously committed to hockey from an early age I don't think I would have had even the slightest chance to make the NHL, I just don't/didn't have that truly exceptional natural talent that all NHLers are born with.

Exactly. Didn't pick up a stick until 12, and I assume the next line about "haven't ice skated" meant "didn't ice skate till 12"...... and yet this guy has average NHL speed? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

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