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Originally Posted by Quacker912 View Post
Yeah, I figure Gagne is old and very injury prone - I believe 2.5 is acceptable. I think Leino really wants to stay in Philly and 2-2.5 is reasonable IMO (if it goes over 3, just keep Versteeg instead).
Gagne's not really old, he's 31. He's just been around since he's 19. Even if he is injury prone, Tim Connolly got $4.5 Million after coming off of two 48 game seasons. I'm not saying he'll get that much, but if he were only on the market for $2.5 million, Tampa would have resigned him already.

Leino is reported asking for a very big raise, at least from Meltzer and a Finnish news article.

Leino earned $800,000 last season. It has been reported that the Flyers' ballpark offer for the Finnish winger is somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.8 million. Through his agent, Bill Zito, Leino is reportedly seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $3.5 million. In and of itself, this is a gap that can be bridged, even considering the Flyers' need to free significant cap space to get a goaltender.
Finnish Article:
"We're feeling things a bit right now and the negotiations officially begin on July 1st."

And how much is Leino going to get?

"It won't be less than a million", Leino smiles.

Leino also doesn't exclude the possibility of signing elsewhere. He believes there will be other GMs knocking on his door come July.

Wherever he signs, he's looking for a long term deal.

"I'm a bit of a different type of player, so I think there's demand for a player like me in many teams. Of course I want to be on a good team and in a good role."

"And when you're signing a long term deal, money is one part of it, of course."

Leino has made it clear before that he's able to enjoy his new luxury life style, so a bigger contract would be good news for him off the ice, too.

"Money gives you opportunities to do things that you couldn't do otherwise. You can live in a bit bigger apartment, drive a bit better car, buy a bit more expensive clothes and travel to places you couldn't get to otherwise. The greatest thing is that you can get experiences that you wouldn't have the chance to get otherwise."

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