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10-17-2003, 09:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Thanatos
Other than the Bruins last season, how many times did Hackett's team make the playoffs? I doubt S.J. did while he was there and I know the Habs didn't so I guess he must have made a couple of apperances with the Blackhawks?
Regardless, nowhere has Hackett played with the talent Philly puts in front of him, so I doubt his playoff woes will continue. Plus, as I remember, didn't Hackett play pretty well for boston last playoffs? As I recall it was Boston's lack of offense that sealed that series, not Hackett's lack of success.
The Bruins didn't lose just because of Hackett. They couldn't match up to the Devils. It's kind of like how the Leafs didn't match up with us.
Eddie was practically your team in the playoffs but he can't put the pucks in the net for you.

Hackett is 35 years old and has never won a playoff series before. Having trouble accepting reality?
Accept this reality:

#37, #5, #2, #23, #28, #44

The team, from top to bottom, follows closely one of the best defensive systems in the league. Strong veteran presence and talented youngsters at both forward and defensive positions.
It's from ESPN's NHL preview of the Flyers.

That's the reality I live with.

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