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06-08-2011, 06:32 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by vipernsx View Post
What if we don't trade Dan Girardi. The effects could be worse then the concerns about trading him.

McD, Girardi, Staal, and Sauer are guaranteed spots. Everyone in the hockey world has stated how Erixon is ready and his concern and reason for not wanting to sign with Calgary is because he didn't think he would have a chance to play on their NHL club. We've have to thin he's taking a spot too, that's 5. Who gets the last spot?

You'd have to think that MDZ would be the leading candidate considering his rookie campaign and the number of NHL games under his belt. Expect that MDZ and a veteran for safety makes the team for the 6th and 7th defenseman spots. That puts everyone else cut or in Hartford.

Matt Gilroy, he played well in the playoffs but really no one sheds a tear when the RFA turns UFA and walks away. The only impact here is maybe future UFAs look at the Ranger and decide not to sign. From here on, it gets sticky.

Valentenko is an RFA at 23, for the 2nd time, are the Rangers going to keep him or let him go after this year? Certainly if if Vtank doesn't crack the squad by 24 I can't see him sticking around for another year. As much as he's said he wants to be a Ranger the KHL or another team with a thinner squad will give him the chance like a Dallas or Edmonton.

If Valentenko doesn't make the Rangers then certainly a guy like Pashnin isn't going to bother wasting his time. He's got the skills and potential but he'll put it to use in the KHL where he played last year.

2 prospects that can be NHL talent, down the drain because we failed to make room.

Kundratek will probably be fine in the minors for another season but, next year or the year after, we're going to run into the same issue because Erixon, Staal, McD, Sauer, MDZ, and Girardi aren't old and will be kept around for several years. Eventually someone will have to go to make room for him and oh yeah...

McIlrath. Where is his spot in a year or two? By then guys like Erixon and MDZ have only solidified roles along side of McD, Staal and Sauer. When does Girardi go? Let him walk as a UFA? Ship him out as a rental?

Eventually you have to make room for someone, why not now.

The Rangers have 4 sold D, they are Staal, McD, Sauer and Erixon. Girardi is their #5
Yeah, that definitely explains why Dan Girardi was our second best d-man this season and in the playoffs...oh wait, it doesn't.

Girardi is the epitome of solid paired next to Staal. Losing him would hurt a strong defense to help an anemic offense. Which is the trade off you have to make if we get Richards and a top line LWer is available.

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