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Originally Posted by mgs4853 View Post
On another note, I don't think Vitale, Johnson, or Veilleux should be on our team just yet.
Well... KV certainly shouldn't. But it's getting extremely close/already is make or break time for Vitale and Johnson. And I think (and I feel like most in the organization feel the same way) that both are NHL players in the capacity that the team needs them to be.

We have a decent amount of cap space to re-sign a few of our core guys.
Not to nit-pick, here... because I think I know what you really mean. But none of these guys are core guys or anything close to it. I realize they've had a nice run with the team and each has contributed towards some important moments on the team... but really... this is why you put money and time into player development and farm teams. To replace guys like this.

I'm not saying that the team should unceremoniously dump all of them. But I really don't think they should feel compelled to bring them all back with raises and multi-year contracts either.

I don't understand the hate for Niskanen, he really didn't play that bad, give him this full season with the Pens to see what he's made of, we are a good defensive system, I'm sure he will do just fine.
I thought he was all over the map in his time here. Some nights he would look extremely slick and competent. Many others he played like he was holding his stick upside down, with about 70 pounds of bricks on his back and a helmet full of angry bees.

I'm inclined to agree with you, though. I don't really see much harm in letting him get a real look. Unless, of course, a really good deal happens along. Which seems unlikely.

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