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Originally Posted by james bond View Post
Are you able to elaborate on who were the 3 different groups and their plans? Anything in the works? Jeff Cogen from the Dallas Stars who has now joined the Preds had previously mentioned he would like to see more rinks in Nashville alike what had happenend in Dallas with the Dr Pepper Centers. Hopefully if it comes to fruition they will be more than just a bunch of cash cows.

As far as if anything is in the works in the Nashville area at the moment, I'm not sure. I do know when local ownership bought the team a few years ago there was mumbling that they might follow the Dallas blueprint. If I remember right that involved Dallas ownership helping with the costs of building several rinks around the Dallas area. Obviously that hasn't happened here. I'm not sure what the long term plan is but more ice is needed desperately.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
It seems money would be better spent building rinks and providing equipment for kids than putting NHL franchises in those markets.
Having an NHL team here fuels the grassroot hockey as it does in pretty much any NHL market. I'd even bet in the next 5 years the Winnipeg area will experience solid growth. The problem is maintaining an ice rink here can be such an expensive proposition. Even if owners fill their schedule they can still lose money.

So it either takes a rich person who is willing to lose money which is not likely or doing something like A Game Sportsplex here has done. A Game Sportsplex used to be called Southern Ice and was strictly an ice complex with two sheets and a Pro shop. It was hemorrhaging money until it was bought out and the new owners added basketball courts and also used those courts for Volleyball. As far as I know that place is doing well now.

Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post

If they did I'll bet that the league would sell more tickets than the Atlanta market ever did and for more money per seat. As a mater of fact I know guys who pays between 4 and 7 grand a season per player to play in a full checking senior travel league http://majorleaguehockey.pointstreak...ckey/allan-cup As well some of the games during the Allan Cup final are broadcasted on TV up here. I'm sure that this league is profitable and that alone makes the market better than any of the southern markets at any given time. As well it makes for a market to grow profitability and reach for the NHL as opposed to what has happened in the southern markets.

A little thing called market demographics could have limited the disaster that is called the" NHL Southern market". It was worth a try I guess but it's time to stick a fork in it and turn it over it's done.
Did you really just write the bolded sentence?

You obviously are very set in your views I'm not going to try to change them but every post you make you just look more and more ignorant. You should probably just stop while your already behind.

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