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06-08-2011, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Dorian2 View Post
This post is absolutely insulting to any hockey fan who has followed the game, even for a while.

I may not wish to list Gagner's development points, but if this post is directed in anyway to me:

- I started playing hockey in Germany when I was 5 years old
- I have faithfully followed the NHL and their teams, including the early 70's Canadiens, Boston Bruins and of course Philly Flyers
- I watched the Oilers as a WHA team, as well as watching them as a 1979 expansion team into this league
- The above makes me a fan of the game for about 37 years, non stop, no holds barred. If you wish to question some peoples knowledge of the game, I take it as a personal affront if you include someone like myself or many other posters on this forum.

I have no problem disagreeing with concepts regarding this game, but when it becomes **** slinging and questioning someone's knowledge of the game they were basically born into, then I have a real issue with it.

Have you been wrong about just about everything you talk about on here?

In addition to being wrong just about all the time, do you find yourself telling others how idiotic or wrong or how they have no idea wtf they are talking about or to "watch the games"?

Does the above describe you?

I dont think it does.

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