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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
Well, not one person that has been calling me ignorant, short sited or what ever name is actually from the southern markets I'm talking aboot eh. how many transplants in any given current southern market will it take to support a NHL team. As well do any of you business moguls have season tickets for the teams / markets you are defending? I'm guessing not because it's cheeper to pay 16 bucks for a nose bleed seat that include a jersey and a hot dog and then move to any of the empty lower bowl seats eh. Nice way to prove me ignorant. I'm under 50 and retired but I guess that just makes my brain mush.

Maybe you ought to quit posting while your ,,,
All Canadians are hockey elitist that believe the game belongs to nobody else but them.

Sweeping generalizations are fun huh?

I have had season tickets for years and my family has owned them since the Predators inception. Your personal life has nothing to do with this conversation.

Like I said your opinion is your own and I respect that but don't expect to come onto a NHL forum that has a melting pot of hockey fans from all over NA and the World and not expect to be called out when you spout your ignorant and over exaggerated opinions like they are facts especially when you don't even live in the markets you are bashing. You've proved well enough you are certainly no expert in this subject.

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