Thread: Bill Meltzer: Flyers Lose Joacim Eriksson's Rights
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06-09-2011, 06:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Leighton, Shelley and Walker did not have downturns in their careers. The performance they gave the Flyers is consistent with their performances throughout their careers. The reality is just that they aren't that good.
The comment you responded to here wasn't specifically about Leighton, Shelley, and Walker. It was about all players, and more related to the subject of players drafted and not working out. You have tunnel vision towards those 3 as if they're the defining element to Holmgren's legacy as GM

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post
Am I not speaking english? Again... not at all what I'm saying. These are just examples of organization, with all the scouts they have watching players, with all the game tape they have of those players and all the hockey minds they have making decisions can be wrong about players. And fans, operating on much more limited knowledge of those players, can be right. So why dismiss those fan's opinions now simply because again they are operating on more limited knowledge than the team?
Nothing has been dismissed. And with this response you prove my point. You don't have the information they have. You don't have the information to say that the FLyers made a mistake in not signing Ericksson.

Originally Posted by Coppy View Post

Because that is the inherent nature of an opinion. When you an expression an opinion you can not be sure it is right or wrong. That doesn't mean you shouldn't express it.

One mistake does not justify another.

Again... Why? At what point are Flyers fans allowed to express an opinion about this move?

Covered up until around midway through this season if I remember right. He was then moved to cover NCAA I believe.

Because you are a human being capable of independent thought and expressing your own beliefs on topics. You are on a forum where fans of a team express their opinions of the goings on of that team.
When I express an opinion, I try to make in from an informed position, and not make a irrational, poorly thought out opinion. Not based on any factual information.

The comment one mistake doesn't justify another makes no sense. Good luck looking for a GM that doesn't make any mistakes.

And there are a lot of moves made that fans label mistakes, that really aren't mistakes.

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